Video Gait Analysis

Are you recovering from an injury and/or looking to improve your physical performance? If so, high-speed video analysis could help you reach your goals!

High-speed video analysis is a type of state-of-the-art technology that we are proud to offer at Forward Physical Therapy. It focuses on running, jumping, and cutting/change of direction as it relates to sports performance.

This technology is typically used for ACL injury rehab, Runners’ rehab, gait analysis, and lifting mechanics, but can be used for a variety of other conditions, as well.

If high-speed video analysis sounds like something that could benefit you, don’t hesitate to contact Forward Physical Therapy to consult with one of our Knoxville, TN physical therapists today!

How does high-speed video analysis work?

Video analyses are used to evaluate your balance, stabilization, strength, and movement, pinpointing any areas of dysfunction.

There are several different types of movement that this type of assessment may examine, such as squats, squat jumps, single-leg squats, or single-leg squat jumps. These evaluations are used to measure strength, endurance, positional tolerance, and physical demands.

During a high-speed video analysis, the physical activity itself is not the only thing being evaluated; rather, each part of your body is being looked at individually. This will help in determining any problem areas that exist while you are performing the exercises that you are asked to do.

Ready to get started with Forward Physical Therapy’s high-speed video analysis technology?

Does high-speed video analysis sound like something that could help you reach your goals? If so, please contact our Knoxville, TN physical therapy office!

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